Ahad, 16 Januari 2011


Allah loves His servant more than the love of a mother to her son. When a mother loves her children, she will control her children from doing something that could endanger even something dangerous was highly favored by children. For example, a child just learning to crawl, crawl along the edge of the stairs. He would cry if blocked ... Why?

Mind the small children can not reach the mother's concerns. The child only knows to play alone, without knowing the dangers of playing on the edge of the stairs. Reach boy thought was shallow and short. Instead, urine is prohibited and prevented had seen the impending danger.

While the other one, sick boy. Write your urine medication. Children do not swallow the medicine. Bitter. But the happy mother persuaded, that drug. Boy still persist, then force the children to drink urine drug with a more hard and firm.

Once we have with God (even though the ratio is too far away). Human mind is limited. While the vast knowledge of Allah. So when He set a rule and event, there is wisdom behind it. Sometimes, the wisdom that can be reached by the mind and sometimes not.

But follow the believers. When the Messenger of Allah to convey, the friends will continue to say, "we obey, and we obey" although sometimes the order is very difficult and bitter. And in the event of a disaster, the friends will say, "was the promise of God took place." They are not human without feelings and thoughts, but when the dominant faith in the hearts, minds and feelings of being forced to obey the divine conditions.

When the order comes, the believers will respond that has been described by God through His Word:
"But in truth, when greeting the faithful are commanded to do something we have heard, we obey."
While they suffer when they say:
"Those who, when afflicted with calamity say, God we belong to Him we shall return."

They believe all God's commandments, such as prayer, fasting, patience, and so on are all well-meaning alone. And they also believe every calamity such as death, illness, failure, poverty and so forth, there is wisdom behind it. Thus, if we want to follow them, force yourself to get along with each order and receive every misfortune patiently. Rest assured, that God wanted the security and happiness for us with his command and his misfortune.
However, why are many people who do not obey the order and can not wait to disaster? This is all due to lack of knowledge and lack of faith. With the knowledge we know every calamity there is wisdom. With faith we can menteramkan satisfied with the remembrance of Allah. For those who really believe anything that comes from God is good despite the bad in the eyes of their own. They believe in what Allah Almighty to stress in a Hadith Qudsi:
"O son of Adam, if you are patient and find pleasure in the misfortune of the first time, so I do not meredhai pahalamu than heaven."
( by Ibn Majah (no: 1597)

Not one saddened by the disaster. No one feels when suffering from obeying God. But do not argue with pride. And do not be too much grief. What we are not sure yet Allah loves and knows?

It would be unfortunate boy who expresses his mother fed drugs ... But much worse, a slave who reject the wisdom of the disaster "rewarded" by the Lord! He will suffer twice. First, distressed by the accident. Second, the escape and tercabutnya wisdom behind the accident.

Thus, if now I, you, and we have been hit by disasters ... try to smile (even though very painful), blarney God. Hopefully we get jannah (paradise) in spite of this disaster! Amen.


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